Who we are

Frutas de Argentina is a group made up in 2019 by the ABC – Argentine Blueberry Committee (Blueberries), CAFI – Argentine Chamber of Integrated Fruit Growers (Pears and Apples), CAPCI – Integrated Producers Argentinean Cherries Association (Cherries) and FEDERCITRUS – Argentine Citrus Federation (Lemon and sweet citrus). “It is under this umbrella that we seek to achieve the greatest competitiveness for the sector and position our diverse fruit offer in the world to reach different international markets with a high quality, condition and sustainable product.”.

About us

Argentina is geographically extensive with a climate that ranges from subtropical to cold temperate, which provides the country with rich and diverse ecosystems with a unique capacity to produce foodstuffs.

Argentina can offer delicious export fruit throughout the year. It has a diverse calendar of offers that includes citrus fruit (lemon, tangerine, orange and grapefruit) available from March to December, pome fruit (apple and pear) produced throughout the year, and fine fruit, where blueberries and sweet cherries are produced from July to March.

What we do

FdA in numbers:

  • Creates more than 150,000 jobs (1 worker per hectare)
  • Produces in more than 10 regional economies.
  • Exports Argentine added value to more than 70 countries.
  • enerates more than USD 1.9 billion in foreign currency to the country.

FdA is a member of:

  • Argentine Agroindustrial Council – CAA: Ministry of Production
  • Public-Private Export Promotion Council: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Our production areas: